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the needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting.

Kso..people are fuckers.
But today was interesting.
My friend aline at work went into labor. That was fucking awesome.
Closed with Sherrie, which always makes things fun, and whats better, she brought and made me white chocolate macadamiea nut coffee with homemade whipped cream topping.
Sherrie fucking rocks, kids.
All my "work friends" were there too, which helped.
The downside?
I feel like goddamned asshole.
I think I may be coming down with something. I mean honestly. I feel like crap.
Sore-ish throat, that weird head pain thing, and body aches.
The solution?
Thanksgiving dressing and nyquil. =)
There are a few things that have kinda gotten to me lately. Instead of raving about these things as I normally would, I will, instead, write about things that make me happy at the current moment in time:

Saddle up, bitches:
My Brand New shirt. I plan on going band shirt shopping next paycheck.
My cotton candy perfume
My friends
the girl that goes with me to the mall a lot ;)
candy in general
chocolate pretzels
my bed
nine inch nails

whatever kevin wears on a regular fucking basis cause damn it smells good
happy bunny anything
the fact i dont hafta work tommorow
(heeells yeah)

writing songs
sleeping in.

I know that sent a thrill where it counts.


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I <3 teh Happy Bunny! I took a HB tee and DIYed it, make it from a baby tee to an asymmetrical tank with a heart button, pink gingham strap, red lace, and drew him to look punky hehe
I hope you feel better soon hun :*
You ought come here to Swayze's Saturday, my sweetie's band is playin! Not to mention I kinda need a ride I think hahha XD