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Happy Thanksgiving, Bitches!!

SO this thanksgiving was fucking awesome.
I ate amazing food.
I had fun at my dads. It was very typical of the Carr family. We all sat around and talked about morticians, dead people, the time I got arrested, killing stray cats and gravemarkers.
Cecily came over..we went to walmart, I went xmas shopping, she came to my house, we drank...and watched a movie...ahem.
We'll say it was good times.
Now Im eating ham in my NEW MARDI GRASESQUE PAJAMAS.
The plan?
Finish this entry
Call Heather back
Drink a cup of coffee
Go to bed.
And try to forget I have work and the
after thanksgiving sale tommorow. I may just KILL someone. Pray for me.
But..on a sappy note..I love you guys and am totally thankful for having all of you. Really. I dont know what Id do without you.

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