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He had a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say we'll miss him.

Name: Crystal
Age: Older than you, probably.Unless of course Im not.
Sex:  Chick
Location: GA

***Have you ever...***
*...ran away?  Never needed to
*...pictured your crush naked?  pictured? Ive usually
*...broken someone's heart?  yeah
*...been in love?  Mhhmm
*...cried when someone died?  If cried means breakdown, yes.
*...wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? Usually.
*...broken a bone? no 
*...drank alcohol?  Always
*...cried in school? yep

***The Preferred Sex***
*What do you notice first? eyes,  smile, hair
*Short or long hair? depends on the person
*Piercings or none? lip rings
***The last time you...***
*...showered? 20 mins ago
*...have been to a party? Kims halloween
***What is...***
*...your good luck charm? I dont know that I have one.
*...[who is] the person you hate the most? Everyone but like, a few people. No really.

*Color: green and  black
*Movie: Pulp fiction, the godfather, scarface, goodfellas, royal tenenbaums, exorcist, girl interrupted, etc etc
*Book: the Belljar
*Subject in School: psych.
*Online buds: all ya'll folk
*Place to go when you have no where to go: mall or the bookstore
 >*Sports to watch: soccer
*Holiday: Halloween
*Season: fall
*Breakfast food: dont eat breakfast
*Place to go with your honey: anywhere
*Place to go with your friends: the mall
*...makes you laugh the most? my friends in general
*...makes you smile? everyone I love
* you a funny feeling when you see them? Aaron cause hes a creep.
*...has a crush on you? hehe.
* you have a crush on? hehe.
* you kisses? hehe.
* you like to kiss? most def
*...has it easier, guys or girls? I don't really think anybody has it easy.~~amen.

***Do you ever...***
*...sit by the phone waiting for a call all night?
* AOL conversations? nah
* emails? yeah
*...wish you were someone else? nah, thats pointless, life isnt easy for anybody and there would be a good chance theirs would suck more than mine, which would totally defeat the purpose.
*...wish you were a member of the opposite sex? nah
*...want to look differently? Im alright with the status quo. Ive seen uglier.
*...cried because of someone's mean words? Ohhh yeah. But not before saying a few myself.
***Have you ever...***
*...fallen for your best friend: oh totally.
*...made out with JUST a friend: yep
*...been rejected: who hasnt?
*...been in lust:usually
*...used someone: Mmmhmm.
*...been used: Yeah, but once again..who hasnt? I call it moment of weakness.
*...cheated on someone: Nah, Id dump someone before Id cheat on them, thats really fucking douche. If you are sick of someone to the point of fucking around on them, do them a favor and let them go. That pisses me off.
*...been cheated on: Well Im sure that I have but none of them ever told me.
*...been kissed: yeah
*...done something you regret: No, cause I dont have regrets. I do what I think is right at the time and leave it alone.

***Who was the last person...***
* touched: cecily
* talked to: cecily
* hugged: cecily
* instant messaged: cecily
* kissed: cecily
* yelled at: hmmm..allen. lol
* laughed with: cecily
* had a crush on: does it count if its waaaay beyond that?
*...who broke your heart: Everyone i ever love breaks me. Its the ones that have the capability of putting me back together that are the keepers.

***Do you...***
*...color your hair: its been so long..
*...have tattoos: not yet..soon, soon
*...have piercings: ears and cartilege, which in my book really dont count. I want my nose done.

***Have you/do you...***
*...considered a life of crime: Mob wife, baby
*...considered being a hooker: uh, no.
*...if you could be anywhere, where would you be: New orleans.
*...who would you be with: All you guys!
*...what would you be doing?: Bourbon street and eating mulattos.(the restaurant)
*...what are you listening to: nadda
* you have a favorite stuffed animal: Havent had those since I was five.

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