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If youre feeling especially lazy, the important parts are in red, boldface type. Sorry fuckers.

Last night snuck K.C. out of house, with friend in tow.

Today I have a massive spot on my neck.

Went to mall with K.C. and friend in tow.

Almost had to kill me a teenager. Moments like that make me wish I had my michaels approved boxcutter.

Hahahah. Ah, homicide. *Envisions flirty motherfucker bursting into ball of flames, screaming in agony.* Ahahahaha.

I was told I gave him "crazy eye."

This amuses me.


Ahem. Moving on.

Ate Arbys.

Came home.

Performed monologue.

Wrote the most heartfelt poem Ive ever written in my life.

It rocks the face of God off.

Karla read it, and loved it.

Props to Karla, aka, the Messiah.

To do: Be lazy as fuck. =)

I love you.



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