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Im only happy when it raaaaaaains....(pour your misery down on me) <3

Took Human Growth test, made a B on it. Not so bad. Talked to him after class because he found my life narrative journal "extremely interesting". Hahahahah. Cue that meaning my life has been fucked up, and/or I am fucked up. Either which way, I took the compliment and assumed that meant I made a decent grade.

Formal dinner tonight, I actually hafta dress nicely. Showering might help, as I look like 80's faded trash.

Lets pray I behave.

The plan? Eat my Italian food, laugh at all the jokes, look interested. Not cuss.

I. Can.Do.This.

Actually, I behave quite well in public, when I wanna.

I hate attending these things, I have to once a year in December. Arrrggg.

Thank god I lost weight and can slam my fat ass into this deal withough my hips busting the damn seams out.



Have to take New Bra back to the there NOTHING that will comfortably hold these bitches up???

Not that you care, or anything.

More later. Hehehehe.



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