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last night I swallowed liquor and a lighter and this morning I threw up fire.

Last night:

Heather came over.

Good times. Coffee was made, liquor consumed, doritos eaten..and people bitched about.


Dragged myself out of bed.

Threw on Brand New shirt, pinned my hair up weird, threw on hoodie, and went to school.

Went to Theatre.

Hung out with KARLA afterwards at pizza hut. Its our hangout.

Came home.

Went to Walmart to do a return.

Bought adorable underwear, a bra, socks, and a green and black purse with a green "C" on the front.

Came home, to discover I had a present.

Its this absolutely gorgeous jester given to me by my grandma's friend.

I love those things..I used to collect them till I couldnt find them out in stores anymore.

Threw clothes in washer, put on pajamas.

And here I sit.

No one is online, at least no one that doesnt have an away message up.

Im also starting to think Jey really is upset with me, as its been fucking days since we've spoken.

I really just want this semester to be over with.

On the brighter side of life...only 2 more presents to buy and IM DONE WITH XMAS SHOPPING, BITCHES.

Thank. God.

Searching for something else to say..wait...wait...nope.

<3 C*

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