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I shiver the whole night through. Aka: the ongoing saga.

So today I visited with my very pregnant friend Beth.

She told me how fucked up her life is, I sat and nervously sipped root beer desperately wishing I knew what to say to her. Also desperately wishing it was real beer I was sipping.

She looked really sad. It broke my heart. I hugged her and I really thought she was gonna cry.

It made me look at my life and how easy Ive got things..Im young, I get to have fun, and not worry. Some people dont have it that good.

So afterwards I felt so bad that I smoked the entire way to Eckerds and went in and bought sinus meds, kleenex, gum, a candy bar for my grandma, antibacterial bath soap, and a new squeegee.

Came home.

Fixed coffee.

Spiked the hell out of it.

I sit here, drinking it, and wishing I had my dads acoustic guitar and screaming lyrics to this cd. It actually sounds good cause my voice is gravel.

<3aahhhh gravelly voices<3


Makes me climax almost as hard as when you kiss me. 



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