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You could have it all.

After a night of keeping you guys in suspense, I suppose I will update and tell you what is going on:

Stuffy nose, exhausted. Cant breathe. Arrrrgggg.
In pajamas.
Wanna go back to sleep, may or may not.

Also want to go to the makeup store to buy this crap ive been wanting for decades.
Will I?
Hahahaha. Maybe but prolly not.

May or may not watch Bad Santa again on dvd.  Oh yeah...want to smoke, out and dont feel
like going to the store. Besides Im sure that would do far more damage than good at the moment.
Also want coffee.
I need a bath so badly. Im really starting to disgust myself. I was too tired to shower last night and so today
I feel less than sparkling.
Never heard if Aline had her baby or not.
Id go up to the hospital but I dont really wanna cause if she did they wouldnt allow me back there sick, obviously.
I dont know if this is more of a cold or just sinus.
My guess is its sinus, really.
Wait..who fucking cares.
Might need to buy some medicine rather than a shampoo set I dont really need at all.
I think Im just gonna lay around today. I'll be around, call me if ya need me.
Yep. Sounds good.

Ho Ho Ho, bitches.

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