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Stuck in ways of sadistic joy, my talent only goes so far as to annoy.

K so thus far today a tornado hit literally. heh.

The power went out.

Cecily is sick therefore couldnt go shopping with me.  This makes me massively sad.

I am still in Pajamas when I SHOULD be at Ulta racking up on the sale makeup and or perfume.

Its a hard life, this.

I also wanna go to kims and cash in on her free BEER.

Sounds motherfrickin amazing.

Who I love, what I love, and why: (Pre Thanksgiving "Im thankful for" obligatory speech tommorow:)

*I love my Jey, cause hes awesome. And volatile like me. But we get each other. And that rocks. ;)

*I love my Cecily, cause shes..well..its hard to explain.  =)

I love my allen, cause hes the coolest 17 year old ever.

I love Karla, cause she rocks the face of God off in theatre.

I love Teneil, cause shes my best and oldest friend.

I love Heather, because frankly, she is psychotic.

I love Kimbo..cause she too is my best and one of my oldest friends. And her taste in everything kicks massive ass.

I love David, although he doesnt love me. that anyway.

I love Dustin, Allen, Mark, and Tommy cause they are a bunch of damn drunks. And damn fun to drink with.

I love some folk at work. Cause they rule. And hate customers as I do.

I love My family, because they are just as weird and fucked as I am.

I love fall. Damn I love fall.

I also love liquor. <3<3<3 My liver is going to go on strike soon.

**I love concerts.**

I love holidays.

They make me actually like people a little. Heh.



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