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Check my vital signs and know Im still alive

So last night My Kimbo (tm) came over and we went to her old house cause Im feeding all her animals for the week. This means I have a house all to myself. I can stay the week if I want to. This=OMFG. Rock on.

So Allen and I went over there and , guys, it was amazing. We had shrimp, steak, and beer.

Shrimp and fucking beer, kids.

You just dont get any better. Im serious.

Im gonna raid her old picture box while Im there and any good pics of me are getting STOLEN, folk. Or at least copied at the nearest Eckerds. Heh.

Its always good seeing her. She brings me up.

Sadly, she left for WV this morning.  This bums me out cause uh, I so should be at that wedding. And cant.

But..its ok..cause shes taking pics just for me.

Le sigh.


Teneil, when are you coming home for thanksgiving? I wanna hang.

Jey..hope things are a bit better today.

Everyone else.. <3

Now all I gotta do is knock out this SUPER FUCKING HUGE PROJECT due tommorow and maybe I can relax for the rest of the day...


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